Hofan Group for SMEs to provide professional consultancy services Brands Hatch, help small and medium enterprises quickly build their own brand and quickly occupied the international market.

Hofan Group, according to different needs, provides enterprise customers with a variety of integrated outsourcing services, including:

Warehousing, distribution, logistics, supply chain integration services outsourcing;

Mainstream B2C platform channel operator on behalf of outsourcing;

Information system outsourcing;

Financial management of project-based outsourcing;

Human Resource Management Project-service outsourcing;

Hofan has independently developed sorting picking system, with safe and efficient logistics channels to establish the depth of cooperation with a number of routes, the country of destination postal services, such as: Netherlands Post, British Post, Deutsche Post, USPS, etc., from the warehouse to row throughout the country of destination clearance by Gallant to control, follow-up, greatly enhance the timeliness of logistics, reduce costs, thereby enhancing the customer experience and repeat purchase rate. The Group also with China Post, China DHL and European companies have strategic cooperation channels, enjoy VIP logistics services. At the same time, Hao Fang also supporting the establishment of the Government of Dongguan, Dongguan wentang Cube intelligent storage center.

Gallant Through ten years of maritime warehouse operations management, the establishment of a European total warehouse, distribution reaches 26 European countries aged 3-7 day standard. Gallant also has a number of overseas countries outside the bonded area warehouse, such as warehouse operations for many years in Germany, the UK warehouse, warehouse Spain, USA warehouse, Australia, such as warehouses.

For more details, see: https://www.starpost.cn/

Cloud-stop customs clearance community-based platform dedicated to the design, development, promotion of innovation management platform, in the manner of software as a service (SaaS) to provide community-based Care. Operating platform can be connected to each node clearance information, real-time transmission, keep track of, to facilitate communication and collaboration clearance operations management personnel, enabling rapid clearance of low-cost companies, improve the overall efficiency of customs clearance chain operations.

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