Europe Management Forum 2017 ended the first stop of Professor Xu Xiaonian of "from capital accumulation to technological innovation"

Mar. 6,2017

March 2, "the China Europe Management Forum" successfully ended the first standing in Shenzhen, China Europe International Business School Economics and finance professor Xiaonian entitled "from capital accumulation to technological innovation," the industry forward-looking speech, more than 1000 in Shenzhen entrepreneurs, CEIBS alumni attended the event, Hao Fang Group is a co-sponsor of this forum.

Europe Management Forum 2017 ended the first stop of Profess

Shenzhen is China's innovation, venture capital, after decades of reform and opening up gradually formed a certain scale of the innovation cluster, and spawned a number of the world in southern China and the country has a huge competitive advantage in business. The "Europe Management Forum" into Shenzhen, a detailed analysis of Professor Xu Xiaonian from capital accumulation to technological innovation, "the development of logic, analysis of innovative preconditions, to a certain extent to the Shenzhen entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Europe Management Forum 2017 ended the first stop of Profess

Professor Xu Xiaonian first pointed out: "In the past ten years China's economic growth is the number of growth, the most obvious manifestation of this is driven by investment now simply rely on economic growth has increased the capital of walk, easy to fall into the middle-income trap. At this point it should give up relying on capital growth, transfer to rely on technological progress up. "

Professor Xu Xiaonian elaborated rely on capital growth and technological growth both rely on the fundamental difference between the mode of growth. "The former rely on investment, by an increase in the capital stock to grow, but because of diminishing marginal returns of capital, this growth can not be sustained; the latter rely on human nature, on the economy, business awareness to achieve, and this perception is never enough, so its growth is sustainable. "he stressed that" China's economic problems is the accumulation of capital so quickly that soon returns to zero on the turning point in the future the question is how to create new opportunities increase capital gains, which need to rely on technology to improve business efficiency, accelerate technological innovation. "

Professor Xu Xiaonian Apple as an example to explain in detail what is called innovation:. "Innovation is to do what others have not done before, that is, do you have not done before, and market acceptance of innovation is the core of the market pricing power, innovation is to improve a company's pricing power in the market. "

Europe Management Forum 2017 ended the first stop of Profess

He also stressed: "To build an innovative economy of our country, we must first protect the intellectual property rights of individuals, and protection of intellectual property protection is inseparable from the general property of the world we see the technical level is relatively high country, all Yes. intellectual property protection and general property relatively efficient country. Although China is facing severe challenges in the macroeconomic level, but there have been many opportunities for innovation on the micro level. entrepreneurs to take advantage of the macro challenges, market opportunities and reorganization of enterprises, Reflection management, thinking product development, innovation and tireless efforts to return to nature, focus on technology, creating value for the market for the national economy. "

The forum theme of innovation-driven future, to attract a large number of entrepreneurs, is currently the most gold forum. Hao Fang Group is a co-sponsor of the forum, and TCL, ginkgo Valley and other co-sponsored the establishment of the fund cloud thinking, pitched smart new hardware, the Internet and cross-border electricity supplier projects, as well as cross-border electricity supplier to provide a full service ecosystem services industry chain in Shenzhen, Shekou and well-known real estate enterprises, the establishment of NOS accelerator, the use of resources and the Group has a wealth of experience in venture capital, have been invested, all-round business investment in equipment hatch. Currently Gallant Venture Capital has invested in dozens of high-quality projects, some of which star project rate of return of 30 times, such as Acer, insurance providers, nuts projector, Crazybaby maglev projects are sought after speakers and other stars IDG, the morning, STARVC other institutions.


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