In-depth insight into brands going overseas: Under the prosperous cross-border e-commerce, the entanglement of generational operations and the explosion of joint operations are hidden

Sept. 9,2020

Tang Limin\Phoenix Finance and Economics September 7, 2020

Afterconsulting some recent inquiries, and inquiring privately from the industry,Haofang Group, which has been low-key, has been studying the road to jointoperation. Founded in 2004, Haofang Group is a comprehensive service platformbased on the industrial ecological layout to help Chinese science andtechnology enterprises explore overseas markets and realize theinternationalization of Chinese science and technology brands. In 2016, HaofangGroup pioneered a new model of joint operation, which changed the traditionalpurchase relationship into deeper links and cooperation, changed the low-pricecompetition model of traditional e-commerce, and created a joint operationmodel of overseas brands.  The chargingmodel is very simple. In contrast, joint operations seem to have outstandingadvantages:

1. Thecharging model is pure and result-oriented

Results-oriented,draw a certain percentage of commissions from the sales of associates. Comparedwith partners, it can guarantee the income of online sales of products in theshort term. For start-ups, Mr. Liao, who is similar to smart hardwareentrepreneurship, is undoubtedly a better guarantee when funds need to bereturned to production as soon as possible.

2. It isnot only online selling, but overseas brand strategy management

WhatHaofang emphasized is the building of overseas brands, not only for short-termsales improvement, but also for the long-term development of partners in thefuture. Therefore, at the beginning of cooperation with partners, Haofang beganto deeply intervene in the service system to provide partners with marketpositioning. Services such as price positioning, brand combing and marketingsystem planning help companies develop and produce products that meet marketneeds.

3.Digital management of the whole chain, open and transparent

Fromleaving the factory to entering the Haofang platform, from online channels touser analysis, all links can be tracked in real time, and the data can betransparently shared with partners, and reports are issued based on marketfeedback and user behavior. Partners can adjust product R&D, production andsupply chain plans in a timely manner through the quality feedback of endcustomers provided by the operator, sales refund status, and the performance ofcompetitors in product, marketing and marketing, etc.

4.One-stop cross-border integrated solution

Provideonline operation services throughout all aspects of the product life cycle,provide full-dimensional professional one-stop services including logistics andtransportation, overseas local fiscal and taxation laws, and achievecomprehensive risk control early warning at multiple nodes in the entireprocess. The different stages of the process of science and technologyinnovation enterprises going to the sea are gradually going deeper andformulating strategies that suit local and time conditions. At the same time,it avoids cultural differences, patent law differences and local adaptabilityissues.

5.Abundant resources support overseas brand building

If youwant to achieve good performance on Amazon, you need to operate and promoteboth inside and outside the site. Then the matching of overseas resources andlocalized marketing strategies is particularly important. Haofang has its ownmarketing platform overseas and has more than 2 million fans. The marketingplatform GIGADGET has media, influencer and KOL resources covering allchannels. At the same time, when cooperative companies have achieved certainresults online and want to expand offline channels and establish independent brands,Haofang's powerful resource system can also support matching.

IsHaofang's joint operation really so powerful?

It is achallenge and an opportunity. In 18 years, the brand started to go overseas. In19 years, overseas sales of more than 1 million US dollars per month have beenachieved. This is the first shot of the brand going overseas, and the successof the transformation is predicted. Similarly, despite the outbreak of theepidemic at the end of 19, due to the strong logistics and warehousingdeployment support provided by Haofang, sales continued to be unaffected, butrose rapidly. This year, it has begun to deploy the offline market in NorthAmerica, and its monthly sales have stabilized at tens of millions of dollars,and it has also begun to deploy domestic channels. The rapid success made Mr.Chen full of confidence in the joint operation model advocated by Haofang andHaofang.

If wemust compare the joint operation and agency operation pioneered by Haofang, Ithink the joint operation is like an aircraft carrier carrying customers out tothe brand to go abroad, and the agency operation is like sending a small boat tospy on the military. 


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