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Mar. 23,2017

March 20, 2017, from south Circle of Friends from the media agency, See from the media electricity supplier Union, Central and South science and technology work together penguin media platforms, Ali Taobao Daren, and read the news, Hao Fang Ventures, Inno angel fund co-sponsored sponsored "content venture 2.0 one thousand media summit Jinan circle of Friends 2017 spring ceremony" in the media of the human spirit the holy Land - Guangzhou splendid performance.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

"Content Venture 2.0 one thousand media summit" as an annual benchmark, gathered a large number of cultural and creative fields from top investors, media leaders, renowned scholars, the Internet giant, star entrepreneurs and original content from the media thousands of people, the summit site for the majority of media people send the original subsidy, electricity providers share the profit, traffic into the value of cash and bonuses from five media investment, through the "spring", "Jubilee", "spring", "Torrents of spring", "spring" and other aspects of weight Share pound dry climax.

After quietly invested in dozens of projects, understated Polytechnic male liberal arts, chairman Hao Fang Bin Group first public appearance, brought a "innovation ecosystem Chilean media era of" keynote speech, sharing three entrepreneurs 2.0 times new cognition - that is, the contents of the hardware, the hardware to create media content and detonate hardware.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

Following is the full text of the speech (with deletion):

good afternoon everyone! Moderator very place, I am a liberal arts Polytechnic M, is the number of physical and chemical test, a student of architecture, we are now doing the early venture capital industry chain hardware and global marketing and sales platform.

Missed the contents of venture capital 1.0 2.0 can not be missed

First introduce Gallant Venture Capital: This is a party relying on Hao's global marketing and sales platform, focused on upgrading an earlier investment in the venture capital industry, consumer organizations, will join the South Circle of Friends from the media as more entrepreneurs to provide a unique industry resources and professional guidance.

The reason why we invest Southern Circle of Friends there are two considerations, we missed the first aspect of the content of venture capital 1.0 times, including logical thinking, a head of the content of these investments. When I found the Southern Circle of Friends and the founder Gou Hua, I think we can not miss the content of venture capital 2.0 times, which is why we invest decisively south of Circle of Friends.

The second is that our platform can in fact help to make cash from the media, it is our values, hopes the investment after South Circle of Friends, it can with the main push South Circle of Friends social media platform is formed from a win-win ecology.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

Tencent 2016 Chilean media called the first year, in the first year of red outside network, we feel that this is a very important signal. When the media gateway from the traditional era, including Sohu, Sina, to forums, communities to public media era, such as multimedia microblogging, letters, videos, and then from the media age, we think there are two observations revolutionary flag, the first a man-machine symbiosis, the second is everything all media. Past media is dominated by artificial media, and any object can be the future of media. Everything you want to take a good medium of the road, you need to know two aspects, one is the integration of innovative hardware technology and humanities on the other hand is the hardware after the integration of science and technology innovation and humanity manifested, we this summed up the three cognitive.

Why is the content of the hardware

Cognition is the first major hardware that is content. The second is the hardware generated content. The third is the media detonated hardware, which is a revelation to us all things are the media.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

We see that we are in the year before the investment project, is representative of the spirit of the artisan Zeng Dejun teacher Elvis speakers, the product embodies the fun, easy to use, good-looking, have feelings, stories, have IP. They do intelligent hardware, because Elvis speaker with a combination of technology and the humanities, particularly rapid development recently, through a number of self-communication media was put on the full flowering of the route, a product of Elvis "The Little Prince", now 50,000 units sold per month.

We invest in a second intelligent hardware represented ALLEN founded maglev speakers CRAZYBABY, bold black unprecedented technology, adhere to high quality, with a futuristic design, the founder itself is a color with a high-value, high-grade designer . When a product with his very personality matching positioning, is caused by the rapid growth of valuation and improving market position.

Why is hardware-generated content

The second perception is hardware-generated content, creating content-based hardware, I can give is Dajiang case. It features some of the elite or the leader of a user, after arising from the use of content to attract mainstream users, mainstream users to buy these products, thus continuing spread, in many communities the formation of a large amount of content, bring a large number of users, generate a lot of fans, forming a reputation, which set off the market.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

Create content in the second case is the hardware community Craftsman robot fighting our investment last year, this is by way of the players involved in the project, allowing the player to participate in the definition of IP, and it's fun to dress up as a wide variety of images. Second, players playing time will have to play against a robot very interesting, others have not seen the video, these elements make a lot of fan interest and then to spread. Third, the official channels will organize the whole event, through on-site event will also have a lot of content.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

Why is the media detonated hardware

Just said is the content generated by the hardware, let us look at the case of hardware detonated by the media. "A" is more familiar, very precise positioning from the media, adhere to the quality of life, to grasp the accumulation of micro-channel and short video to flow, liquidity is now also doing very well.

The second is from North America's largest technology media, I was involved in this project was founded as a non-media entrepreneur based overseas do FACEBOOK bonus, North America's largest media since now there are eight million subscribers, a monthly video play 250 million times, an average of 3.9 million times each video player. This is a hardware sea, the preferred hardware crowdfunding promotion positions, once detonated numerous hardware.

Innovative media in an era of ecological wisdom: Hao Fang Bi

Gallant joint South Circle of Friends issued "intellectual media innovation list"

In the Chilean media era, Hao Fang Group has already done enough to prepare. First, the 300 million venture capital fund from the media with our British Connaught hundred gods media and co-sponsored by the Southern Circle of Friends, focusing on investment and technological strength and new media people human feelings; second, Hao Fang south jointly released with Circle of Friends "Wisdom media innovation list, "want to become entrepreneurs coordinate Chilean media era; third, in-depth discussion of the realization of new media, give a clear road map. Thank you!

Gallant Venture relying Gallant Group's strong background, the layout of the global intelligent hardware and mobile Internet early investment, and TCL, ginkgo Valley jointly initiated the establishment of cloud ideas fund, pitched smart new hardware, the Internet and cross-border electricity supplier class projects, Cross-border electricity supplier business ecosystem services provide the whole industry chain. In Shenzhen, Shekou and well-known real estate enterprises, the establishment of NOS accelerator, the use of resources and the Group has a wealth of experience in venture capital, have been invested, all-round business investment in equipment hatch.

Currently Gallant Venture Capital has invested in dozens of high-quality projects, some of which project rate of return of the star several times, such as Paul macro, nuts projector, Crazybaby maglev projects are sought after speakers and other stars IDG, the morning, STARVC other institutions. Gallant Venture to industrialist vision and layout of the ecological chain and win-win thinking, selection of valuable product or team, work together to achieve sustainable win-win cooperation.


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