GIGadgets born in Silicon Valley, user activity in North America is the number one social media cutting-edge science and technology. As of May 2016, with 300 million active users, the average monthly touch up to 3 million people, the amount of social interaction among the long-term science and technology media list, more than Engadgets, TechCrunch, Wired and other well-known technology media more than doubled, and in the North American social networks set off a number of one hundred million spread traffic incident. In addition, it reveals the true user feedback and new trends in the field of hardware through social big data GI Social Power Award announced at the end of 2015, attracting US technology sessions and hardware vendors a lot of attention, and FoxNews, CNET, ABC, NBC coverage .

Around social gene, moving first, native short video of the three core elements, GIGadgets in technological innovation and new hardware in the field not only connected to a large number of C end users, but also gathered a record-off a large number from around the world, the brand of hardware manufacturers, investors, global dealers and buyers, leading technology media people and other groups, the growth of science and technology, one of the largest interactive session internet.

GIGadgets in December 2015 to enter China, in cooperation with the music, as, billion-Air, Crazybaby known manufacturers, will also work with Chinese hardware innovation community to interact, the more and better innovation in China, made in China to the global market.

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