Interview with Li Bin, Chairman and CEO of Haofang Group—— Cross-border e-commerce: "Chinese science and technology enterprises that strive to innovate, overseas markets will not shrink"

Sept. 10,2020

The Sino-US trade friction is superimposedby the impact of the new crown epidemic, how can cross-border trade go againstthe trend?

"The actual situation is not as bad asexpected," Li Bin, chairman and CEO of Haofang Group, told the GuangzhouDaily All-Media reporter, "Cross-border trade of daily consumer goods isstill strong. With the development of contactless consumption, many overseas salesare sold online. Sales of Chinese products have soared"!

So, how to smoothly "go out tosea" under the new normal of epidemic prevention and control? How to"go out" safely to break new ground? As a long-establishedcross-border e-commerce company headquartered in Shenzhen, it has nowsuccessfully transformed into a focus on sci-tech brands, based on theindustrial ecological layout, and leveraged the power of digital technology tohelp Chinese sci-tech companies explore overseas markets and realize theintegration of Chinese sci-tech brands Service Platform. Li Bin believes thatthrough market-side big data analysis, precise positioning, and reversecustomization, companies can realize the entire process from productdevelopment, production to iteration, thereby promoting industrial innovationand upgrading, and maintaining a stable presence in the international market. ,The overseas market will not shrink."

"Going to the sea online" isthe time, innovation and rapid response are hard power

At present, Haofang has used its more thanten years of experience in cross-border e-commerce through incubation and jointoperation of product brands to create many best-selling brand products inoverseas markets, many of which have become star brands in market segments.

For example, a brand's smart conferencesystem, through venture capital incubation, provides overseas services toempower innovation. This voice intelligent terminal in the vertical businessmeeting scenario, combined with hardware and software, and artificialintelligence, is launched through overseas crowdfunding to accumulate seedusers and form a brand effect. With the help of Haofang, the system achievedtens of millions of sales in the global market in 2018; a brand of smartphotographic equipment accessories has discovered new market opportunitiesthrough new innovations. This kind of technology is born out of unmanned aerialvehicles and pushes photography aids to a wider range of non-professionalconsumer groups. With the help of Haofang, in 2019, the Amazon online market ofthis product defeated the leading company DJI Zhiyun, and has always occupiedthe BSR position, with sales exceeding three times. 

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic thisyear has impacted many industries. However, a pet supplies technologymanufacturing company from Shenzhen has achieved a bucking trend. This brand isone of Haofang’s cooperative brands, and their dogtraining devices, heating nests and other products have been sold in overseasonline markets during the epidemic. In the early stage, this dog trainer useddata mining and precision marketing to accurately find product optimizationpoints from 3,000 user responses. Then, by optimizing the appearance of theproduct, the logistics cost of each product was saved by 5 dollars."During the epidemic, people and pets spend more time together, and ownersurgently need pets to be quiet and obedient, so the demand for these petproducts is even stronger," said Li Bin.

Data-driven product iteration "Thebest way to solve dilemmas is to respond quickly"

"In the matter of brand goingoverseas, companies will never have the best era, nor will there be the worstera. Don't complain, the best way to solve the current dilemma is to respondquickly, find the brand's own problems, and then solve the problems. "LiBin said.

Regarding the experience and secrets of"going out online", Li Bin summarized the data-driven productiteration, including the launch of runners, the first cooperation throughmarket research data analysis, to identify seed users, and through precisechannels, single products can be made into small categories. Departmentposition; Runner acceleration period, through the previous data analysis cycle,revise data, review the implementation strategy and direction of the brand'soverseas strategy, make timely adjustments, expand marketing channels, andfeedback product iteration suggestions and information; Runner expansion,according to the previous period Accumulated large amounts of data, categorydata, expanded databases, multi-dimensional analysis, targeted mass users,continued to enhance brand awareness, deepened channel efficiency, and expandedproduct lines.

Li Bin said thatHaofang’s goal is to increase the number ofcompanies accompanying Chinese manufacturing companies to the sea by 10 timesin the next 10 years. He believes that, based on the layout of the ecologicalchain, achieving high penetration of cross-border services will help promote the transformation of my country'smanufacturing industry into a technologically sophisticated ecological industry chain.


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