Partner Recruitment

Partner recruitment

We arerecruiting partners covering warehouse, delivery, capital cooperation,incubation, digital marketing and multi-language operation.

what typeof partnership we are looking for

We are looking for a heart that embraceschanges, that don’t conform to normality, that has the courage to experienceand innovate.

We are looking for an impressive idea. Yourbusiness model may not be flawless and your profit model may need furtherdiscussion, but your idea need to wow us

What we can offer for our partners?

we provide you with Team members who shares withyou the same dream; they can be your helping hands on the way to succes.

we provide you with encouragement: the road ofinnovation is difficult and often filled with challenges; we would cheer you upand encourage you to persist.

weprovide you with capital support in needs during you pursuit of dreamYou are in charge and Hofan provide you withone-stop solutions covering such areas as product planning, brand promotion,cross-border selling solution, logistic and warehousing, supply chainmanagement and many more.

Let’sjoin hands together and make our dream come true

Campus Recruitment

02/ Cultural life

03/ Recruitment position

If you are interested, please send your resume to and indicate the position you are applying for