Partner Recruitment direction - cooperation projects, warehousing and distribution management, capital cooperation, accelerate product innovation incubator, the international brand of Internet marketing, multi-platform cross-border operations, operations and customer service in multiple languages;

An eternal embrace change of heart - do not want to stay in a rut, do not toss you will be the Death Star people, it is our goal to find!

A lovely people of idea-- your BP may be defective, you can discuss profit model, but the idea that you have to let us "wow"!

A group of like-minded brothers - chasing dreams on the road, you need a gang of three men, fly team is the first step to success.

Feelings in the end of a stick - New venture, is to choose a doomed not so bumpy road to face ups and downs, "insist" and "love" is your basic qualities necessary.

money? not a problem!

Brave chase a dream, do not repeatedly see investors all over the world do not give change.

As long as you fly, open a new business start-up capital Gallant to get! Your site you call the shots!

Holdfast you as CEO, completely independent team operation mechanism. Good products, the other party to the ho!

Product planning, resource integration, branding, cross-border sales, logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, financing services full support.

Completed a dream, a career achievement!

The hearts of all eleven fruition is what kind of experience? you deserve to have!

View before the election - with excellent performance, continued to improve, teamwork, good communication, the overall situation of the character.

Education - a planned training to improve the basic quality, business skills and management level employees, create equal opportunities for promotion.

With only Outlook - Employers do not suspect, the suspect not, reasonable authorization, expertise and resources.

Leaving only Outlook - security benefits and economic interests of employees, providing better prospects for development and harmonious cultural atmosphere.

If you need is not a job but a career;

If you do not need a group of colleagues, but a team;

If not, you need a job, but a stage.


If you have mature skills, innovative ideas, extraordinary courage;

Gallant will provide you with a challenging stage of self!

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