Gallant Group is China's largest cross-border electricity supplier industry's global marketing services platform, headquartered in Shenzhen, in Europe, North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xi'an, Beijing and other places are equipped with branches and set up in Silicon Valley innovative R & D center, to Chinese manufacturers to provide better creative design and R & D support.

Gallant Group's cross-border electricity supplier, integrated services, marketing and media industries venture capital business four sections together to build an integrated service platform for industry, as represented by intelligent hardware upgrade and brand internationalization of SMEs in China to provide closed loop full support, including product planning, resource integration, internet marketing and brand communication, cross-border sales, logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, financing services. Is the industry known as "China's Internet growth accelerator manufactured brand."

Hofan group is composed of a number from Google, Apple and other large tech companies composed of former executives, he served in the same time to absorb a lot of Baidu, Tencent, Orchid Pavilion potential and other famous enterprises at home and abroad elite talent. Driven by a common belief in the ideals of business, they meet in the vast square, and the formation of a first-class team with a strong service capabilities with leading international perspective.

At the same time, Gallant has overseas offices in Germany, USA, Australia, France, Spain and other countries, have knowledge of local language and culture with staff who understand and are familiar with the country's spending habits for Chinese customers to provide high quality local services, increase customer satisfaction.

"Made in China" fame - that is, for enterprise customers to customize efficient, practical, professional international brand of cross-border electricity supplier operating program.

"Made in China" added value - that is, according to a large data analysis and the results of the professional market, provides enterprise customers with global sales distribution consultancy services.

Help "goods through the world" to achieve - that is, relying on advanced e-commerce platform for integrated service and logistics channel support for enterprise customers to provide global supply and localization logistics, warehousing and supply chain management, and other supporting services.