About Hofan

Hofan Group (www.hofan.cn ) was founded in 2006 and has always been committed to thestrategic transformation of Chinese enterprises' branding, Internetization andglobalization. Known by the industry as "the incubator and accelerator forChinese corporate brands to go overseas". The subsidiaryHofan Venture provides venture capital support for outstanding start-upcompanies, helps incubate innovation projects to achieve rapid growth on aglobal scale, and maximize the value of China's innovation. Hofan Group focuses on the "Made inChina" brand's overseas business, based on industrial ecologicalresources, adhering to the "mutual achievements, value sharing" principles,to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises. Through market analysis anddata mining, it helps companies to seek new market opportunities; throughmulti-channel Internet marketing, it helps companies expand overseas sales andachieve the implementation of the "Made in China" brand outbound strategy.

Hofan Team

Hofan Group iscomposed of many former management personnel from large technology companiessuch as Google and Apple. At the same time, it has absorbed many domestic andforeign elite talents who have worked in famous enterprises such as Baidu,Tencent and Lanting. Driven by common business ideals and beliefs, theygathered in Hofan and formed a first-class team with strong servicecapabilities and leading international vision.

At the sametime, Hofan has formed overseas branches in Germany, the United States,Australia, France, Spain and other countries. Hofan also recruits talents whoare familiar with the local language and culture, who understand and arefamiliar with the consumption habits of the country, therefore providingChinese customers with high-quality local Service and increase customer satisfaction.

Hofan's Mission