Establishedin 2014, Hofan Venture focus on investment opportunities in such areas asconsumption upgrade, intelligent hardware, creative media, company services,logistic and distribution in retail, and has been a rising star in Shenzhenventure.  Hofan grouphas accumulated rich experiences in sales channles, marketing, supply chain,internet and consultation and therefore can be of great help for its portfoliocompanies in terms of maximizing potentials on global scale.  The value of Hofan portfolio companies have alsobeen widely recognized by other well-established venture capital including IDG,Gold Sand River, Tencent, Baidu, Ali Group, Xiaomi, JD Group, FortuneVC,PineVC, JoyVC, SIG and investment arms of many famous listed public companies.

Haofang venture capital established four years, performance bright




Up till the end of 2020, Hofan has invested inmore than 70 companies and the number is still growing


enter next round

More than 60% of companies in our portfoliofinished next round financing within one year


Multiple multiplication

The multiple of book value of projects invested over 1 year is 3.5 times


20 times return

Our portfolio include companies that bring morethan 20 times return

Investment strategy :(manufacturing upgrade industrial chain + experience upgrade decision chain) + global market

Investment Strategy

Made in China, New Brand in China, new model in China, new innovation in China

investment project