Google AdWords Dongguan Experience Center

Google AdWords is a quick and easy way to advertise on Google and its advertising partner sites the way, no matter what your budget can fully enjoy their efficient advertising. AdWords ads are displayed with search results on Google, together, at the same time it will be displayed on the growing Google Network of search and content sites, including AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks and Blogger and other sites. According to statistics, every day tens of thousands of users searching on Google and page views on the Google Network. Thus, the user will see a large number of companies advertising on Google AdWords.

Hao Fang Group is a Google AdWords service official authorized partners, and led the establishment of Google AdWords Dongguan experience center with global technology giant Google. Enterprise customers can help Holdfast under the ease of Google AdWords advertising business, the success of open electricity suppliers overseas marketing resources and sales channels.

December 2015, by a group led by Gallant and Google reached a cooperation, in Dongguan City, established a Google AdWords Dongguan experience center to help businesses serve two main business through global and multilingual service brand establishment and Google keywords to help companies quickly open overseas market, expanding e-commerce development, enhance brand effect.

Experience Center is located in Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, it covers an area of ​​2,200 square meters, mainly as a Google South China Area marketing, training, experience center. Experience Center by Google absolutely dominant position in the global search advertising, in order to intentionally try to cross-border electricity supplier business enterprises to provide e-commerce marketing, promotion, training, and consulting services to help businesses understand and learn the operation of cross-border e-commerce trends , application tools and operations and other related content.

Address: Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Lower East Side Road Galaxia Xintiandi 8

Tel: 0769--22880605

Only single agent do recommend Google AdWords services to customers, resulting in customer can not fully understand the premise of a passive buy Google products. The Experience Center can allow customers to visit, to participate in free training, face to face guidance, which allows customers to fully understand, penetration, even on-site learning experience to understand the use of Google's product line extension model and guide their use GoogleAdWords products. At the same time, the staff Experience Center also provides insight into the needs of customers, their actual developments recommend other Google services according to each customer, to help customers better development.