The C2B model helps the global rise of the vast and outstanding domestic brands

May. 31,2021

A Chinese science and technology enterprise has established a brand overseas, and its products have successfully dominated the intelligent image stabilizer market. In 2021, this company returned to China to hold its first press conference, and at the same time won the "Most Commercial Value Award" at the second Shenzhen (International) Artificial Intelligence Exhibition. This "famous Chinese and foreign" company is the vast and outstanding .

Haohan's products are not only quite innovative, but the brand influence it has established is also considered to be in line with the new development strategy of "domestic and international dual cycle" advocated by the country, thus truly showing the value of Chinese brands. On the road of Haohan's brand growth, Haofang Group is Haohan's best partner.

The C2B model helps the global rise of the vast and outstand

▍Starting point: Insist on allowing ordinary people to use mobile phone stabilizers

Founded in 2014, Haohan is an intelligent hardware company built by a group of people who love image shooting and have rich experience in intelligent control engineering. Currently. Haohan has been rooted in the intelligent image stabilization market for nearly seven years, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, occupying 25% of the overseas online mobile phone stabilizer market share and 70% of the global sports camera stabilizer market. In 2020, Haohan succeeded in winning the CES Silicon Valley Annual Innovation Award, known as the "tech industry vane", with iSteady X, the world's lightest three-axis foldable mobile phone stabilizer.

However, in the early days of Haohan's establishment, mobile phone stabilizers were still in the professional consumption stage, and ordinary people bought very few, and there were several strong stabilizer brands in major markets such as North America, so the road to the sea was not easy. Chen Min, the founder of Haohan, believes: "The stabilizer product is actually a smart hardware product that helps users to better shoot video content. If these technologies can be applied to the user population, they will be implemented in different fields in the future. It will be a great help to everyone's video sharing and recording."

With this original intention, Haohan has always insisted on continuously polishing its products. In 2017, Haohan made efforts to the consumer market and launched the industry's first foldable mobile phone stabilizer-D1 two-axis foldable mobile phone stabilizer, which makes it easy for ordinary mobile phone users. Use a stabilizer with automatic tracking and automatic film formation.

The C2B model helps the global rise of the vast and outstand

▍Growth: User-centric C2B model helps Haohan become Amazon's Best Seller

Starting from the consumer market, the best solution is branding. In 2018, Haohan and Haofang formally reached a cooperation. With the help of digital technology, Haofang assisted Haohan to launch the iSteady series of products through the C2B service model, successfully completing the leap-forward upgrade from "making products" to "making brands".

2018 is the first year of the rise of 5G. With the stimulation of 5G applications, the length of time users share videos will not be limited by bandwidth, which inspires users to demand high-quality images. In developed markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, more and more young people are joining the ranks of video producers. With the increasing number of TikToker and YouTubers, the mobile phone stabilizer market finally ushered in a big explosion.

Based on changes in market trends, Haofang focused on the target users of the stabilizer and provided Haohan with precise brand building services. In the early stage of new product development, Haofang will analyze all Top100 stabilizer brand products in the market, and provide diagnosis and advice on functions, customer service, and stocking and shipment of Haohan products based on the market positioning and functional characteristics of these products; In the after-sales phase, Haofang will also collect buyer feedback as soon as possible. For example, Haofang has manually collected and analyzed thousands of comments on a certain product of Haohan, sorted out user feedback and usage problems, and output analysis reports to discuss product improvement plans with Haohan. , And ultimately help Haohan to improve products from R&D, design, supply chain, production and other links.

The C2B model helps the global rise of the vast and outstand

In terms of brand exposure and market drainage, Haofang first frequently invites authoritative overseas media, such as Forbes, CNET, Yahoo, etc., to report based on user big data analysis and vast product characteristics. These media have accumulated a high degree of weight in Google, making it easy for users. I found articles with vast keywords. Evaluations in reports such as "Most Portable Mobile Phone PTZ", "Top Five Mobile PTZ of the Year", "Travel Essential Technology", "Vlogger's Favorite Technology Product" and other reports also make it easier for consumers to trust vast products. In addition, Haofang is also cooperating

The C2B model helps the global rise of the vast and outstand

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