The Haofang brand operating platform to ride the wind and waves

Sept. 10,2020

Haofang's cross-border journey

Haofang started with cross-border marketing services in 2006,selling products on different large-scale e-commerce platforms. This statecontinued until 2013, which happened to be the embryonic stage of cross-bordere-commerce. This period of exploration allowed Haofang to accumulate experiencein the supply chain system, capital control and local financial solutions, andit also opened Haofang’s first time.Transformation. 

After more than ten years of polishing, Haofang has beenchallenging itself. In 2016, Haofang itself upgraded from pipeline to platform,seamlessly connecting the upstream and downstream industrial chains, changingthe traditional operation model into a joint operation model, and changing thetraditional procurement relationship into Established deeper links and in-depthcooperation. After another three years of polishing, in 2019, Haofang willfocus itself on science and technology investment, incubation and jointoperation of product brands. It has created many popular product brands andbest-selling products in overseas markets, and most of them have become starbrands in market segments. The founder of Haofang Li Bin also gave us a case, “A certain innovative product technologycompany is one of the companies invested by Haofang. It is a designer ofcreative digital products and consumer electronics. In the early stage ofentrepreneurship, Haofang gave financial support and Data analysis helped themfind new product categories, assisted them in new product development, andlater assisted in the establishment of a global online marketing network. Afterthe official sale on Amazon, more than 50,000 products have been sold within afew months, and the repurchase rate has reached 20%. The current monthlyturnover has reached tens of millions of yuan."

In 2020, many successful cases proved the feasibility of thecurrent business model, and they were replicated on a large scale. Whileproviding an operating platform, Haofang also provides more professional adviceto partners in terms of product iteration, category and product innovation,provides support in supply chain funds, and promotes capital operations. Incooperation, Haofang and partners are symbiotic. Won.

Haofang's cross-border ecosystem

Haofang focuses on serving the scientific and technologicalenterprises of a certain scale, and provides them with branded overseasservices. Haofang built a complete industry ecosystem and provided a completeset of services such as supply chain, logistics and warehousing, e-commerceoperations, brand marketing, and fiscal and taxation consulting forcross-border overseas trips. At the same time, Haofang also owns corebusinesses such as venture capital funds and digital marketing (media), whichcan be said to provide one-stop solutions for companies' brands going overseas.

The executives of Haofang also gave us another case where apartner and Haofang joined forces to become a leading brand in the industrysegment: the company focused on the manufacturing of sports equipment and wasfounded in September 2016. As a start-up, there is no mature sales channel. ,But keenly aware that this type of product is a new sport in the United States,hoping to seize the early opportunities to deploy the global market. In 2018,Haofang cooperated with them to provide multiple services such as logistics,sales channel laying, brand operation promotion, etc., while ensuring sales,the brand concept introduction was carried out. It is especially worthmentioning that on July 1, 2019, the product was offline due to patent issues.In October 2019, Haofang helped customers with patent appeals, and finallysolved the patent problems and hidden dangers from legal channels in October2019, and quickly regained their market position in volume. Since thecooperation, the company's products have ranked first in sales in thecorresponding category market, with a market share of up to 20%. Sales haveincreased by more than 10 times on the basis of the year before thecooperation, and continue to grow

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has had a significantimpact on the global economy and various industries. In particular, traditionalindustries have been greatly affected. At present, a large number ofmanufacturing industry partners have contacted Haofang to seek cooperation and achievebusiness breakthroughs through transformation. It is through the jointoperation model accumulated over the years to withstand the risks brought bythe epidemic, and at the same time, based on its own professional servicesystem, it helps partners in crisis to transform and helps them successfullyrealize the brand going abroad. Li Bin once said: “In the case of brands going overseas,companies will never have the best era, nor will there be the worst era. Don’t complain, the best way to solve the current dilemma is to respondquickly and find the brand’s own problems., And thensolve the problem.” 

The future has come, haofang cross-border ecosystem is already on the way


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