The joint operation model of Haofang brand going overseas becomes the best help for the operation of the enterprise Amazon platform

Sept. 9,2020, September 02, 2020

With the popularity of e-commerce, the future market trend willinevitably develop in the direction of globalization. Products will be sold toall parts of the world, breaking the geographical limitation. In this processof global sales, the cross-border e-commerce industry plays a vital role. Therole of.

Compared with the explosive momentum of domestic e-commerce in the past,cross-border e-commerce is currently in a period of rapid development. Manybusinesses can only reap a lot of money just by making a difference, and addinga series of support programs in my country's policy, those companies withindependent products can reap a lot of profit.

At present, there are more and more people entering the cross-bordere-commerce industry in my country. The correct choice of cross-bordere-commerce platform is the first step to success for these"newcomers". Nowadays, the mainstream cross-border e-commerceplatforms mainly include Amazon, AliExpress, wish, and eBay. According toauthoritative data, more than 40% of companies choose Amazon as their startingpoint. Why?

Amazon is currently the world's largest cross-border e-commerce platform,with business in more than 60 countries around the world and a user base ofmore than 400 million. As the leader in the industry, its FBA warehousingservice also supports logistics and distribution services in 185 countries andregions, laying a very solid foundation for the company to go global.

At the same time, unlike the situation where the number of domestice-commerce sellers directly catches up with the number of buyers, althoughAmazon has a global user base of over 400 million, the sellers are only morethan 3 million, which means that there is still a large part of the market. Theblank area needs to be filled. It is the best time for companies to takeadvantage of this opportunity to enter the market.Of course, the platform isgood, but if there are operational problems, then everything will be in vain.Now it is no longer an era where wine is not afraid of deep alleys. The qualityof platform operation will be directly linked to the ultimate profit of theenterprise.

Haofang Group is well aware of the importance of platform operations forcompanies going overseas. Therefore, in order to help more Chinese companies gointernational, Haofang Group has been deeply involved in Amazon’s refined operations for 16 years, in cross-bordere-commerce operations, brand marketing, and fiscal and taxation consultingservices. Shanghai provides a full range of solutions to fully empowerenterprises to go overseas.

In 2006, cross-border e-commerce was still in its infancy. Before thedevelopment of domestic e-commerce with much fanfare, Haofang had alreadystarted the layout of a number of cross-border e-commerce platforms, andachieved relatively outstanding results in the industry. However, Haofang didnot stop there. For more than ten years, Haofang has developed a mature andin-depth operation model on the Amazon platform, the leading global e-commercecompany, in supply chain system construction, capital management and control,and local financial solutions. In this regard, it has formed a very strongcontrol and advantage. Haofang Group has also established an overseas brandmarketing system to build a smart hardware ecosystem, from initial investmentincubation to marketing channel construction and service module improvement,and then to the investment construction of media resources, to promote theintelligent manufacturing industry from the perspective of the high-potentialindustrial chain. Ecological upgrade.Today, Haofang Group has successfully transformed the traditionaloperating mode of cross-border e-commerce into a joint operation mode thatleads the brand of science and technology enterprises to go overseas. Thisjoint operation mode has been affirmed and promoted by Amazon. The jointoperation mode has changed the traditional purchasing relationship. It hasbecome a deeper link and bundling, seamlessly connecting the upstream anddownstream industrial chains. From the early product creation to the in-depthcooperation, the Haofang Group and the enterprise share risks and go to the seato achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

For companies that are new to cross-border e-commerce, the operation ofthe platform will be a key factor in the success of the company’s going overseas. Whether it is product selection,sales or publicity, it needs very systematic and meticulous planning toproceed, and Haofang The group has just solved all the problems of enterprisesin the operation of cross-border e-commerce platforms, so that enterprises canavoid detours and become the best partners for enterprises to go overseas.


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